Main Pyaar Kar Challi Aan by Dilpreet Bhatia


Subgenre: Folk Rock

About the Artist: Dilpreet Bhatia, A Singer/Composer/Songwriter hailing from the small town of Fatehabad in Haryana, does not fail to make apparent the soul baring folk influence in his music.
He performed extensively as a solo artist and later got associated with the group called ‘Freedom Jam’.
Dilpreet’s collaborations with Indian and International musicians include 6 times Grammy-Award Winning Mixing Engineer Ken Lewis, UK based Producer Shammi Pithia, and Award Winning Producer/Arranger Leslie Lewis of Colonial Cousins. He is also a devout disciple of PadmaShree Sumitra Guha, an internationally renowned Hindustani Classical Vocalist.

About the song: “Main Pyaar Kar Challi Aan” is a Punjabi ballad again boasting of his folk roots. The song proceeds with sedating notes which may make your attention waver for a bit, but again the whole unadulterated demure feel of the sing lies in the notes.

Things to look out for in the song:

  • Interesting baseline
  • Brilliant inclusions of Indian instruments like Sarangi, Flute etc. during the song.