Top 10 Hindi Rock Songs [Exclusive]


Now this is something really cool.  Brand New Year, celebrations on full swing, and MusicDip gets you “The Top 10 Hindi Rock Songs”.  And wait for the punch - They’re FREE to download!

As our previous posts says, “2011 was certainly the year when the independent music scene got the attention it deserves”. So here’s bringing you the best of it.

Before we start, we would like to extend a big thank you to all the artists who helped us out and shared their music with us. Sharing free music is a noble deed indeed!

So let’s start making your day! The songs listed below are in no particular order, but yeah each surpasses the other in its greatness!


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1) Mita Do by Sifar
Well yeah, Sifar’s a favorite, and for all the right reasons! It was a great year for Sifar with their first music album being launched! And here is our tribute to them with a MusicDip exclusive video for the song “Mita Do”.

2) Main Pyaar Kar Challi Aan by Dilpreet Bhatia
We know its not Hindi Rock, but we just had to have it on the free give away list. Its a must have on your playlist! Folky acoustics, haunting melody- this song was easily one of the most looped songs on our Legendary Music Player the whole year! Wishing Dilpreet the best for the coming year as well!

3) Mojambo by Bumbu Sauce
Again, this isn’t Hindi, but it isn’t exactly Punjabi either. One of our all time favorite songs, this song comes with a guarantee: One listen and no getting it out of your head for the next few days.

4) Choo Lo by The Local Train
The favorite of the “In-loves”. Besties to the band for their upcoming album! Looking forward to more stuff like this!
5) Main Laut Aaonga by Kaash
Our analytics tell us that Kaash was the band getting the maximum number of hits this year. Be sure you don’t wanna miss out on this one!

6) Roshni by gT
A must listen before you start with your New Year resolutions! A song full of hope and faith in self.

7) Tere Bina by Sector 8
Two the only songs on this list which have not been featured on MusicDip before. Tere Bina has quite an interesting riff, sure check. This band has serious potential.

8) Roko Na Mujhe by Sifar
Here’s bringing you Sifar again with another musical masterpiece. Listen to Roko Na Mujhe to know why!

9) Pukaar by Blank Noize
Pukaar is one of their most famous track, good lyrics and good sound makes it a must have on your playlist. Moreover, we are currently working with them to make a music video for their song “Nasha”, so watch out for that! Watch the teaser here.

10) Abhi Na Ja by Kaash
Kaash continues to make really good songs. This was featured couple of weeks back on ‘Dip. Love the progression towards the end.

Want to check out the songs before you download? All 10 songs are here:


So this is it, the top 10 songs by us. Hope you enjoyed them. Please leave us a comment below, if you agree/disagree with our opinion.

Sending out all our readers Happy Hugs for The New Year! Hope 2012 brings us a lot more good indie music. Keep Dippin’.


  • rajat

    superb songs..dese guys need to be promoted…indian rock scene must promote underground bands..mainstream rock will never be musicaly relevant given the roots of filmy music in india..

  • ChoosetobeAnonymous

    Amazing, amazing list!
    Thanks a bucket.

  • Swathi

    Awesome songs. Thank u thank u thank u thank u soooooo much :-) Seriously now i became fan of this artists.

    • aruneetu

      Which artist

  • Tim

    Awe some never heard of such bands all the best

  • aruneetu

    neend na aaye is the best song . i never heared such song
    awesome yaar

  • ginnu

    toooooooooo gud songs ever heard. lucky to listn

  • Karan

    I wonder how does this list not have the song Dheere Dheere by the band, Antariksh! That is easily be one of the best Hindi rock songs ever written.

    • MusicDip

      Hi Karan, this list was compiled much before the song “Dheere Dheere” came out.

  • Abhijeet

    LOVED these songs!! \m/

    Kaash has some really cool songs.

    • MusicDip

      Hi Abhijeet, glad you liked the songs. :)

  • amit tirkey

    awsm songs….very good collections..

  • Anant Singh

    I feel really, really proud of Indian rock bands. Going on against all odds, in a very non-supportive environment. More power to you, fellas!

  • Dogma Tone

    neat and impressive.. there ought to be more local indian language bands!!

  • Navnit Meshram

    listened to those oll metal nd heavy bands……bt not impressive as above tracks

  • Karan Jain

    This list is a little too old! A tonne of great new bands out there. Antariksh, Lagori, Joshish etc. etc.

  • Tania Verma

    Listen to this one. Pretty catchy and rocks like crazy –

  • soapmaker

    can give me links for other “The Local Train” songs?

  • deepak

    Please update the list, its been years since you people have not updated the site